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  • Discover the magic of friendship and nature with these lovable Enchantimals family sets from the Harvest Hills collection
  • Includes Dinah Duck doll (6-inch), Slosh duck, and 3 baby ducklings.
  • For fashion play, Dinah Duck doll is lookin' farm fresh with her removable skirt, shoes, wings, and headpiece.
  • Slosh duck and the 3 baby ducklings are all ready to line up in a row
  • With 4 characters in this family multi-pack, it's extra fun for your little one.
  • The Hedgehog young Hixby Hedgehog and his friend pointers are a cool Team.
  • This 15 Inch Doll a cute hedgehog sculpture with orange fur hair and glasses.
  • Hixby Hedgehog has a real Casual Outfit: a checked shirt with a trendy jeans, a jacket with fur collar and black boots.
  • Hixby has a orange glasses, watching his face like a Igels and from his or her Modellierten barbed hair Hedgehog ears.
  • Suitable for children over 4 years
  • ​ This adorable 15 inch doll and their animal friend are part of the world of the ench Antimals, a fantastic place surrounded by nature.
  • ​ The Peeki Parrot doll comes with her Parrot friend sheeny, the with their colourful wings and a fleecy Pink Spring Fairy looks incredibly cute.
  • ​ The ench Antimals doll comes wearing a colourful outfit with a yellow pink top, a removable skirt in blue and green and a floral cape with a fleecy lining.
  • ​ amusing details, such as Parrot springs on your feet, colourful marks on your face and hair ornaments in Feather Set of design, to well show your suits your Pink and blonde hair, emphasise your character.
  • ​ with this enchanting friends can be wonderful stories from the world the ench Antimals Study.
  • ​This adorable six-inch Doll and her sheep friend are inspired by the world of Enchantimals, a fantastical place nestled in nature.
  • ​The athletic Enchantimals Lorna Lamb Doll comes with her sheep friend -- so cute with a "woolly" patch of white hair and flowers decorating its head!
  • ​Lorna Lamb Doll wears a colourful outfit with a removable skirt with a floral print; more flowers and pink furry trim at the shoulders decorate the white bodice.
  • ​Her tan boots have wool detailing, a flower decorates one of her pink sheep ears and her big rooted white hair is whimsical.
  • This pretty cherish Cheetah and your Cheetah Girlfriend quick quick are easy bezaubernd
  • The ench Antimals are endearing personality to the connected to their friends on very novel way animals that than you – you are always together, and you can see even ähnlich
  • Cherish Cheetah wears a cute outfit with a colourful animal and floral pattern and a Modellierten scarf wrap Stole The skirt with removable fur trim
  • Look out your Pink Shoes out socks, and in your dark hair are Cheetah ears to realize, it also has a cheetah tail or cheetah spots on the face
  • Suitable for children over 4 years
  • ​The Paws for a Picnic storytelling pack is inspired by the world of Enchantimals and comes with a 6 Inch doll, two animal friends and accessories to play out familiar themes.
  • ​Bren Bear doll and her two bear friends are ready to dine forest style with picnic accessories
  • ​An aqua picnic basket is decorated with symbols like a paw print and a pink handle; open to store the smaller pieces inside - there's a checkered blanket, food and glasses for all three friends
  • ​The two bear figures - one medium and one small - have headbands in their furry hair
  • ​The Enchantimals Bren Bear doll wears a colourful outfit with a gingham print on her removable skirt, a furry stole, brown shoes and a pink headband with bow
  • ​Dark rooted hair styled is long and curly, bear ears poke out and bear-inspired facial features inspire wonder and storytelling
  • ​Play out all kinds of enchanting stories with these enchanted friends and collect them all to build out a world of Enchantimals (each sold separately, subject to availability)
  • oll into the world of Enchantimals with Preena Penguin doll, Jayla penguin and their Enchantimals ice cream truck and be enchanted
  • The ice cream truck is so cool - it's translucent blue and shaped like an igloo with brick details; its yellow wheels roll, a pink ice cream cone decorates the top and a sign flips down to become a serving counter
  • The 6 Inch doll fits in the driver's seat or behind the counter and is ready to serve up fun in a colourful outfit with bow and ruffle detail on the bodice, an ice cream print (with sprinkles) on her removable skirt, orange shoes and a pink headband with bow
  • Preena Penguin doll has beautiful black rooted hair and sweet animal features that match her penguin friend figure; jayla penguin has a blue scarf and wears an adorable expression
  • Frozen treats, like different flavoured ice cream cones and treats, plus a spoon, inspire imagination and storytelling; some pieces have handles to fit on the doll's hand
  • This adorable six-inch doll and her animal friend are inspired by the world of Enchantimals, a fantastical place nestled in nature
  • The fashionable Patter Peacock doll comes with Flap peacock figure -- so cute with a furry patch of hair and a colorful open tail of feathers!
  • Patter Peacock doll wears a brightly colored outfit with a removable skirt that has a floral and peacock feather print
  • Her blue shoes are feather-inspired, a golden tiara sits atop her rooted purple updo, facial features are animal-inspired -- she even has peacock feather wings and furry purple accents!
  • Play out all kinds of enchanting stories with these enchanted friends, and collect them all to build out a world of Enchantimals (each sold separately, subject to availability)