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  • Material: Foil Balloon
  • Package Included: 6pcs Foil Balloons
  • Material: Foil Balloon
  • Package Included: 5pcs Foil Balloons
  • Material: latex Filled
  • Size: About 30-35cm
  • Variations: Normal
  • Package Included: 50pcs Balloons and 1 Hand Pump

Alpherbats can be fun too, when you can transform them into cool vehicles, tanks & jets! Plus they make great entertainment for kids, especially when you're out and about. Collect the Alpherbats A to N to create the mighty MEGA-BOTZ.


Octo BoBoiBoy Flying Space Ball 

This is a tricky toy to play with. Take your time, and treat it gently, and it will go where you want. If you throw it too hard, it may go where it wants to go. A fun toy to share with friends.

  • Age: 3+
  • Battery operated
  • Required 3 AG13 Batteries
  • Truck got sounds, music and light
  • Bioplastic made from wheat straw
  • Available of 4 variants to choose